GeekDesk with Custom Ikea Top Height Adjustable Standing Desk

I set out to build a desk that could be height adjusted with the push of a button because I wanted to be able to sit or stand at any given moment.  After considering much cheaper and more expensive options I went with a custom GeekDesk build which has worked out perfectly.  It arrived fast and was easy to put together.  I was impressed by the build quality and the instructions.

GeekDesk sells the frame without the top so I decided to go the custom route and find my own.  After looking through DIY sites I found out about the Ikea countertops.  They have many options including the solid oak butcher’s block which I chose. The countertop comes with a light factory finish that I’ve decided is good enough for now.  Also, the countertop size complements the frame size perfectly. I was concerned that the frame wouldn’t be able to lift the hardwood with my electronics but it has performed like a champ.

The desk pieces cost about $800. I use it 50+ hours a week and have loved the ability to sit or stand at any given moment.  I can’t imagine not having that luxury now.  I’ve found that it’s helped with fatigue and for getting in the zone.  Also, the extra space is great for reading and writing or setting up another computer.  I highly recommend this setup if you’re looking for a sit stand option.

I added a few extras to my workspace to give me a little more room.

Desk Components

  • GeekDesk v2 large black frame only;  65″ width;  (There’s a newer frame now)
  • Ikea NUMERÄR Oak Countertop; 73 1/4 x 25 5/8″
Extras (affiliate linked)



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